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Derma roller for skin regeneration

المدونة | Monday - 26 / 09 / 2022 - 10:01 pm

Dermaroller for skin regeneration

Dermaroller for skin rejuvenation! Who does not want to have glowing, vibrant and supple skin? First you must know that your skin protects your body, and it is the face you present to the world. Applying some modern methods that work to rejuvenate skin cells, such as micro-needling technique using dermaroller.

In this article, we will review with you the importance of using a dermaroller to rejuvenate the skin and restore its youth and vitality.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is made up of several components including water, protein, fats, minerals, and various chemicals, and it is responsible for protecting you from germs and infection throughout your life. your skin approximately every 27 days.


skin layers

The skin consists of several different layers, namely:

The stratum corneum: Contains dead skin cells found in the epidermis.
Epidermis: the outermost layer of the skin, which is the thinnest layer in your skin, which is responsible for the production of keratin and melanin (skin pigment), and Langerhans cells that protect the skin from the harsh environment.
Dermis: The middle layer of the skin responsible for wrinkles, containing fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.
The fatty layer of the skin: Under the skin, the reduction of tissue in this layer causes the skin to sag as well as wrinkle.

How do you keep your skin healthy?

You must keep your skin clean, healthy and lively by:

A thorough cleansing and you should do it daily.
Use unscented soap.
Balanced nutrition.
Use sunscreen.

Using a dermaroller to rejuvenate the skin

Microneedling is a simple, safe and effective treatment technique that uses a dermaroller to create punctures in the skin by rolling a small roller fitted with several fine steel needles, stimulating the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.

Micro-needling technology produces new skin tissue, resulting in smoother, firmer and more toned skin.

Micro-needling is also proven to be effective in treating minor acne scars, wound scars, aging, sun spots, melasma, and getting a brighter and firmer complexion.

How to use the derma roller to rejuvenate the skin

Micro-needling takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the area to be treated, and is done as follows:

It is preferable to prepare the skin before using the dermaroller for at least a month with vitamin A and C formulations to promote collagen formation.
Apply local anesthetic for 45 minutes to an hour before the procedure.
Sterilize the treatment area with antiseptic and saline solution.
Lift the skin vertically with one hand, and roll the dermaroller 6 to 8 times in the horizontal and vertical directions with the other hand.
Determine the end point of the treatment, and wash the treatment area with water only.
Use ice packs to calm the patient.
Use sunscreen and follow sun protection measures.
There is no recovery period and the patient can resume daily work the next day.
Several sessions are required to achieve the desired results, and the interval between the two sessions is determined based on the length of the needles studded on the dermaroller.


skin regeneration

Micro-needling leads to the reorganization of old collagen fibers, increasing the production of new collagen, elastin, and capillaries, which leads to tightening of the skin.

It has been observed that after performing 6 micro-needling sessions, a significant increase in collagen production, which gives a youthful and fresh appearance to the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and increases the softness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.


If you are ready to look younger and enjoy youthful and supple skin, then micro needling is the best option for you, and choosing the DRS Dermaroller is the perfect solution.