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Derma roller 4 in 1 Red/ White (0,50 mm, 1.00 mm,1.50 mm) | For complete skin care

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Product Description

Dermaroller 4 in 1 set consists of:

  • Roller head 300 needle 0.5 mm is used for sensitive areas, eyelids and lips.
  • Swivel head 720 needles of 1.0 mm size used for face.
  • 1200 needle 1.5mm rotary head for large areas of the body such as the thighs.
  • Dermaroller disinfection basin.


The rotating head of the dermaroller is studded with needles made of medical grade titanium, which is stainless, and does not bend after several uses.


Dermaroller needles of 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm in length are sharp and have the ability to create holes and channels in the skin, that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, it treats skin problems.


These holes help in absorbing medicines and cosmetic products that speed healing and regeneration of skin cells.


  • Unification of skin color.
  • Skin care.
  • Remove dark spots and excessive skin pigmentation.
  • Narrowing of the pores of the skin.
  • Removal of cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Brightening and moisturizing.
  • Skin tightening and sagging removal.
  • Increase the smoothness of the skin.
  • Remove acne scars.
  • Getting rid of facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Treatment of scars and traces of wounds.
  • Remove tattoo traces.
  • Alopecia treatment at its highest level.
  • Treating wrinkles and deep lines.
  • Getting rid of the effects of weight loss.
  • Remove scars and traces of wounds.

Warnings and Contraindications

  • Do not share your dermaroller with others to avoid infection.
  • Do not use the roller on injured skin.
  • Having skin sensitivity to metals.
  • Do not use cosmetics that irritate the skin.
  • Active Youth Pills.
  • Eczema and psoriasis.

Important Tips

  • For best results, it is recommended to choose the appropriate needle size for the indications for use.
  • The product should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • The dermaroller must be disinfected with soap and water, and sterilized with alcohol well after use.


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